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Sunday Morning Bible Study

Roundtable (Adult Intergenerational – Room 129) This class studies a variety of subjects selected by the class. During 2013, the class began a survey of the Bible. Debi Vowell, teacher, encourages discussion and uses various Bible study methods to encourage thinking and life application of the Bible.

BYKOTA (Adult – Room 122 ) Established many years ago, BYKOTA stands for “Be Ye Kind One To Another”. This class uses published quarterly study material from the Uniform Lesson Series. These materials survey the Old and New Testaments on a scheduled basis, giving a thorough survey of the Bible over time. The class focuses on the material from the Adult Student guide, and the teacher helps class members to absorb the material.

Other Adult class (Carol Rhein)

Cradle role (Ages 2 and under).  These tiniest of Christ's children receive love and attention in a safe environment with trained, loving nursery attendants.  Their lessons include colorful pictures with Bible stories geared toward them.

Beginners (ages 3-5).  FCC Beginners are just learning about God's love.  This is done through play, arts and crafts, Bible stories and fun preschool  activities.

Primaries (1st-3rd grade).   Our primaries class enjoys fun hands on activities, stories, art and puppet play all based on Bible lessons from the new and old testaments.

Middlers (4th-6th grade).  Our Middle school children rock with "The Rock" a wonderful curriculum geared to the tween way of thinking.  The weekly lessons blend Bible stories with life events the children are dealing with now.  This helps the children to not only know the Bible,  but also deal with the everyday problems that come with growing up.

The Teens (Junior High and High School). The FCC teens class enjoys a blend of Internet study, discussion and old style Bible study to learn the way in which God wants them to go.