Church Committees

Church Committees


The committees of the church coordinate the ministries and other activities of the congregation. Committee members are usually church members, but need not be Deacons or Elders. Deacons and Elders are expected to serve on at least one committee as part of their duties.

Education and Youth coordinates training of the congregation through the church school, Vacation Bible School, DYF, etc… The work of a Religious Education Director and the training of the church school leaders fall under this committee with the guidance of the minister. This committee also coordinates the program, activities, and functions of the youth with the youth leader.

Church Growth, Evangelism, and Membership Committees plan a year round program of visitation and keeps a current list of members and guests. It also keeps records of church membership, transfers and baptism. The members of this committee also coordinate visitation projects, homebound visitation, and the social and evangelism programs of the church. Finance committee prepares budgets, canvasses members, and coordinates stewardship education and programs, financial audits, consecration days and financial campaigns.

Property Committee oversees church property, including insurance, property maintenance, landscaping, furnishings, and an annual inventory.

Church Program, World Outreach, and Worship Committees establishes goals for areas that should be considered world outreach each year and submits them to the congregation. It is also responsible for the pulpit ministry and supply, music, ushering, conduct of the communion service, special events and services of all kinds. 

Personnel Committee consists of the chairperson of the elders, the chairperson of the deacons, the chairperson of the administrative board, and the minister. Upon recommendation of the senior minister, this committee makes recommendations to the administrative board for all salaried employees of the church. It recommends compensation for all salaried employees of the church except those specifically addressed in the bylaws. This committee and the chairperson of the Finance Committee make recommendations to the administrative board for any financial changes, prepares a job description for each position, and makes yearly review of each position.

Pulpit Committee, when necessary, finds a candidate or candidates for the position of minister of the church.

Hospitality is not a formal committee, but a group of volunteers dedicated to welcoming guests, answering questions, and helping them find their way into the church family. They greet newcomers and guests, provide information about the church, provide directions to classrooms, nursery, fellowship hall, and sanctuary. Hospitality also assists with any questions or issues that might arise.